10th field workshop reme

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Re: 10th field workshop reme

Post by Tinweasel » Thu Sep 29, 2016 5:53 pm

Fred wrote:
Tinweasel wrote:Fair comment, having never been in an FFR lightweight i went with what I could
Not criticising you, old mate, you drew my attention to the handbook on the other blog and I saw what you saw - the error is in the book, which is handy, considering it is the handbook! Perhaps not as serious with a and Rover dash of the 70's as it might be with a Land Rover dash of 2016!

Net worries always happy to be corrected, :D


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Re: 10th field workshop reme

Post by AR4412 » Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:18 pm

deaftrev wrote:Hiya.
I'm trying to find information on the 10th Field Workshop REME Tidworth which is where my land rover lightweight was base. I want to find out about vehicle markings and possible some pictures. I've checked on line but not had much joy.
I'm at that stage of the rebuild where I can start looking for the little thing that make the vehicle unique to that company.
Any info or pointers would be appreciated.
Army registration number was 49FL76
If I'm correct in this then 10 Field Workshop were based during your vehicle's service life at Bordon, with a lot of roulemont tours of NI during the early 70's, up until their tour around '74/'75 where upon their return to the UK they did a swap with 3 Field Workshop who were in Tidworth, where 10 Fd Wksp were then based, with further tours of NI, until after your vehicle was cast.

The 70's were a bit before my time to be of any use to you I'm afraid, but try gooooogyling 10 Field Workshop REME and have a look for entries with regards to a book called 'Craftsmen Of The Army Volume 2' as there will be info on the unit in there. Unfortunately I only have Volume 1 which covers up to post WWII and the far east.

I'm not aware of any special unit markings, except for some vehicles that had stickers denoting the Unit/District/Division they were part of.

Good luck with the refurb of the lightweight, keep us all updated on your progress.

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Re: 10th field workshop reme

Post by deaftrev » Wed Oct 26, 2016 1:36 pm

I got the book about the reme and it says that the 10 workshop did 18 tours of Northern Ireland between 72 and 76 which is how long my vehicle was in service but not much more information but its a packed book. I've also got in touch with the new REME museum which will be opening soon and they said they will have a look through their archives for me, so might get more detail history yet!

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Re: 10th field workshop reme

Post by Grapelli746 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:49 pm

I was posted in to 10 Fd Wksp late in 1976; it was my first tour of duty as a young Craftsman. It was indeed located in Tidworth at the top of Ordnance Rd, long since gone. I was in the FRG (Forward Repair Group). I only recall there being one LWT held on strength, it was CSMs exercise wheels; however, it was regularly used by the duty ‘clutch’! Sorry, no pics of those days.

At that time, the MT & Recovery Section was run by Sgt Mick Babbs - no idea of his whereabouts these days.


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