Para Recce kit stowage fittings

Any information on all other kit
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Roger Day
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Para Recce kit stowage fittings

Post by Roger Day » Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:50 pm

<t>Does anyone have dimensioned drawings or sketches (or can point me in the right direction to obtain them) of the various kit stowage fittings on a para recce lightweight. I am thinking of bonnet basket, jerry can stowages on the sides of the seat box, and the side racks on the outside of the rear tub. Finally, the complicated gun mount and ammo box storage bracket for the rear of the vehicle. It would not be impossible to make up drawings from the various photos available online, but just wondering if the drawings are out there somewhere. Roger Day

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Re: Para Recce kit stowage fittings

Post by Fred » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:42 pm

Welcome to the forum, Roger. Do you have the makings of a Para Recce? A genuine one, or are you intending to make one on an ordinary Lightweight FFR? I can't help you with this, I'm afraid, but, there is a man who can and he'll be along shortly, I'm sure!


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Re: Para Recce kit stowage fittings

Post by andrewjsimpson1977 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:18 pm

Ah you speak of the Wise Man of Bedford (WMoB). I’m sure his ears are burning. I’ve heard tales of many a good fellow that has braved the wilds of our mysterious county town in search of his teachings. I’m not sure if it’s true, but there were rumours at one point that he could be tempted out of his cave with nothing more than the offer of a handful of marzipan and the mention of a rival genuine Recce.

Neil? Are you there mate?

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Re: Para Recce kit stowage fittings

Post by AR4412 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:23 pm

In the absence of there being any wise men in Bedford, (There was one once, but he got out of the town, as he was wise.), I'll pop up an answer for Roger.

It is I'm afraid very short and sweet, there aren't any drawings that I'm aware of for the stowage items. (There might be a picture of the jerrycan holder if you have a 'Pinkie' parts list, as I believe these are what they are modelled on.) The modification to the role of a reconnaisance vehicle was one that was never formally adopted, although it must have been sanctioned for it to have been used, and therefore I doubt there would be any official drawings made up. It certainly never made it into an EMER as an Installation/Modification/Miscellaneous Instruction, not that I saw anyway. I hazard a guess that there were 'back of a fag packet' drawings with rough dementions on hanging around 10 (Airborne) Workshop which they worked to, but if you look at provable in service pictures of Para Recce vehicles there are differences in the way the bonnet baskets/side panniers etc are constructed and fitted.

I am lucky in that there are a couple of in service pictures of my vehicle, (albeit minus it's side panniers and the rear gun mount), that along with the marks in the paint/dents in the bodywork/bolt holes can be used as reference for when the time comes for me to make the stowage items.

If you do stumble across some drawings Roger, keep them safe and think of me. Information on these vehicles is scarce to say the least.

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