S3 lightweight 1980 GS - to be finished project

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S3 lightweight 1980 GS - to be finished project

Post by piotke » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:10 pm

Since I have 3 lightweights and some other projects, I'm selling one.
It's the second one from this topic: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3741


Year of construction 1980, 2.25 petrol. Original LHD.

- 2 new shock absorbers, others new rubbers.
- Leaf springs sanded, sprayed in black 2K lacquer. New bushes pressed into the springs.
- Set of new shackles in front
- Replaced most bolts

- Replaces all pipes, both fixed and flexible. New fittings.
- New brake shoes, springs and pumps

- Replacement chassis where new rear cross member is welded on
- In the front small welding works performed because there was a preparation for power steerinf
- Chassis number stamped in on other side, but with certificate from land rover (needed in Belgium)
- New bump stops
- New axle straps

- New fuellift pump and pipes.
- Both fuel tanks treated against rust (electrolysis and acid) and coated inside.

- Replaced the thermostat, some seals around, new distributor, bobbin, cables, spark plugs, engine mounts
- Completely new exhaust
- Radiator leak-proof, new cooling tubes
- Engine in running condition

- New clutch plate and release bearing
- Replace both clutch pumps (master and slave-
- Overhauled both prop shafts and provided with new UJ.
- Good condition of tires, SATs

Body work:
- Reasonably good condition. Most of them already sprayed in Bronze green. Some paint there
- New doors
- Complete soft top tube set
- Tailgate of regular series, but I have a split light weigh lying around
- Bottom bulkhead blasted and metallized
- Upper bulkhead in reasonable condition
- PVC top, but not in wow shape
- Bumper is also blasted and metalized

Is as good as complete. It's in boxes, but have to sort everything again. So many parts are not yet on the picture (grille, dashboard, heating, ...)
Still to be done, in short: Further assembly, electricity (reasonably good cable harness and wings sanding and painting.

Project that is to finish, and I reckond it will need a few months to finish. Don't expect all parts to be genuine. so will not win a concours, but will be a fun driver in the end.
I'll sort out all the bits in the next weeks and make pictures.

Here are some quick pictures and the add in dutch;
https://www.2dehands.be/autos/land-rove ... e.plaats=1

Located in Belgium, not so far from Antwerp and Brussels. About a 2.5h drive from Calais. Delivery might be an option.
Looking for 4500 euro about 3950 GBP, but open for offers.

Feel free to drop me a call, +32 476 02 66 48.
Though I live in Belgium, and I'm not so active here, I've dealt with some on the forum.

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Re: S3 lightweight 1980 GS - to be finished project

Post by piotke » Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:57 am

This one is sold .

A friend took it over for about 2200 GBP :)

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